Asking Bell Belichick for Aaron Hernandez 'Answers' is Wack

By Joseph Nardone
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

For some reason or another people want New England Patriots coach, Bill Belichick, to apologize for Aaron Hernandez murdering a member of the human species. Hernandez committing the murder had nothing to do with Belichick or New England or the NFL, but come on man — you feel wronged so you want answers, preferably in a sports-platform type of way.

Those folks who want the hoodie to say sorry, however, are probably the same people who want the meteor that destroyed the dinosaurs to give an explanation as to why. Sometimes it is better to let things just be. Hernandez did the unforgivable thing of killing someone in cold blood — possibly to cover up another murder and because it seems Hernandez has a taste for blood.

Looking towards Belichick for answers may be fair, although, I don’t think he has any more inside information about Hernandez’s state of mind as JJ Abrahams had about the series finale of Lost. Sure, keep talking down “The Patriot Way” because it fits your evil, no good, hits-hungry narrative. In reality, though, the whole Patriot Way thing was a construction of the religious — or pretending to be moral — media to make them feel like they had a team worth rooting for. A team that is void of criminals and bloodthirsty vagabonds.

All of which are ideals but things that don’t exist — in any profession, in any country, for any walk of life.

Outside of being his football coach (a person who coaches a game), Belichick was not his father, brother, role model, friend, lawyer or any other thing that would make him be responsible — or even feel responsible — for Hernandez’s crimes. This would be like asking an assistant manager at Target to apologize in the local newspaper for one of his employees being charged with murder, rape or any other eye-popping charge.

Instead of asking Bill for some answers or for some closure, please remember this: The Patriots, Belichick and all the NFL related stories are the very least important aspect of the impending Hernandez-murder debacle. Because, you know, there is a dead person that a family has to bury.

But yeah, Boston (sports) tragedy, Tim Tebow‘s playing time, Belichick should have had ESP and known he drafted a future murderer, Urban Meyer is somehow responsible for other people’s actions, they (somehow) owe YOU an apology, and all of that.

Have fun sleeping at night. I’ll be waiting the next asteroid shower.

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