Baltimore Ravens Fans Overstress Jacoby Jones' Conditioning Test Result

By Jermaine Lockett
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports


Reports have flown around the web about Jacoby Jones failing a conditioning test and how it could have implications about his starter status for the Baltimore Ravens. The only thing that failing a conditioning test should show is that a player got off the couch for training camp. It is not an aptitude test for the position, even though there are time standards for each position group; it is simply a test to see if you have been training during the offseason. Jones will not have a problem passing it a second time as most athletes usually do.

Conditioning tests are usually “gassers” set to test a players’ endurance. Not all coaches mandate the test as long as players attended the offseason minicamps. However, if a player fails one, they will get scolded for not coming to camp in shape. Worry not Ravens’ fans; John Harbaugh is full aware of Jacoby’s worth to the organization and will not cut him due to him being a little lazy on a condition test.

Sure, the Houston Texans cut ties with Jones because he failed to work on his craft. His failure in Houston was a wake-up call. That setback pushed him to purchase a jugs-machine and put in some serious offseason work with his catching when the Ravens signed him in 2012. He came into 2012 training camp ready to impress, and he did. Fans are concerned that hanging around Karina Smirnoff and celebrating the victory of Super Bowl XLVII may have caused the star returner to have a relapse.

With Dancing with the Stars in the rear view mirror, once Jones passes the test, the Ravens will go back to business as usual and he will focus in on securing the number-two spot on the depth chart. Tandon Doss is not going to make it easy for him though. Jones will have to bring a little more than his speed to the plate in order to win the job outright. Look for an interesting training-camp battle ahead between the two for the “two”.

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