Hopeful Outlook For Day Two of Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp

By williambontrager
training day 2
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, the July 23, a small group of the Philadelphia Eagles took to the field of the Novacare Complex for training. Although Chip Kelly told reporters that he would not use pads until Sunday, there was still some physical testing. Kelly told reporters that the Tuesday practice was simply a refresher course for the rookies, and a way to slow down what is going to accelerate to a frenzy on Thursday, when the whole team shows up.

“We knew we had to slow things down from a teaching standpoint,” Kelly remarked to the press.

For the selected veterans, it was more of a day for meetings and conditioning practice, but they also had an hour for field training. The quarterback battle continues as Michael Vick and Nick Foles started their reps simultaneously. This doesn’t appear to be merely lip service to the press when Kelly said, the position is not written in stone, but sand. He seems to be truthful that there is no favoritism among players under his administration. It will be a competition until the very first preseason game against the New England Patriots. Vick said that he is more than ready to compete. Foles agreed and vehemently added that he deserves it. Both of them are under this mind state as well as they should be.

Also, among the selected veterans was center Jason Kelce and tight end James Casey. They both were the first to show up for the practice on Tuesday and fueled the team with their enthusiasm. Casey is coming back from arthroscopic surgery for his right knee. He told his Twitter followers that he is 100 percent and it is more of a preventive surgery to help him when the season begins. Kelce was out most of last season, and the Eagles felt the blow. After not playing football for a year, he is ready to go. Let’s hope his right knee withstands the test of the rigorous schedule.

There is some hope for Philly, according to this training season. The rookies like Earl Wolff and Zach Ertz are showing maturity and enthusiasm. Some well-needed veterans are finally healthy, especially in the offensive line. The quarterbacks competing for the top spot are displaying confidence, leadership and courage. How it comes together will be the main question as training begins in full.

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