Philadelphia Eagles: Quarterback Decision May Be Made By Players

By Bob Francis
Eagles Quarterbacks
Howard Smith – USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles new head coach Chip Kelly has been an avid believer in competition at the quarterback position, or any position for that matter, since he was hired. He has continued to insist that the competition will be good for all and will play itself out in due time. But, is Kelly really the person who will make the decision in the end about who will lead the high-powered Philadelphia offense? Chances are that many of the players will have a say in the starting quarterback of the Eagles, especially if they band together in support of one of the options.

Michael Vick seems like the most likely candidate to win the support of the locker room, being that he has the most experience, has been in Philadelphia the longest and has shown the athletic skillset necessary to dictate the spread offense. Should the players have a say in the decision, look for Vick to begin the year behind center and run the offense for Kelly as he begins his tenure in the NFL.

Each of the other options, Nick Foles and Matt Barkley, will demonstrate different types of versatility for coach Kelly, but they probably will not be able to win the support that Vick will find from the other players. Although Foles played the better part of last season, with Vick either hurt or benched, he doesn’t display the same athleticism, nor does anyone, in comparison to Vick. The one advantage that he may have over the highlights of Vick is his decision making, which he has proven is a strong suit in his game. Coach Kelly is looking for someone who will protect the ball and run the offense, and either Foles or Barkley may hold an edge against Vick in this category, especially after last season. In the end, though, the players will have more decision-making power than may be anticipated, and Vick definitely has the lead when it comes to the quarterback competition based on the supporting cast.

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