Seattle Seahawks Perfectly Fine with Raised Expectations

By Michael Terrill
Seattle Seahawks Perfectly Fine with Raised Expectations
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

There is no question the Seattle Seahawks will be entering a season filled with high expectations among the fan base as well as the organization. Seattle is a team led by a very talented and inspiring quarterback who is backed by a young team that is hungry to win it all. Some teams might not like the pressure of high expectations, but there is no denying that the Seahawks embrace it.

“It’s been so much fun to have the expectations elevated and the standards that everyone kind of sets up around you — it’s perfect,” head coach Pete Carroll told USA Today Sports.

“I’m not going to try to ramp it down, because it is what it is. We have earned our position to be where we are, and we’ll see how we handle it. When we handle it well, we’re going to be really good.”

There is nothing wrong with a head coach filled with confidence. The players will feed off of it, which will either send the team to the next level or they will crash and burn as the New York Jets did the past couple times Rex Ryan made ridiculous Super Bowl predictions. Considering the Seahawks proved to have a little swagger in the way they went about their business last season, I’m betting that the players will back Carroll’s statement.

Seattle’s roster is loaded with talent at multiple positions, while Russell Wilson is clearly the star of the team. His breakout rookie season is just the tip of the iceberg of what can potentially be an outstanding career. Even though Wilson is years away from reaching his peak, it does not mean that he cannot lead the Seahawks to great heights in 2013.

“It will take a couple of years for it all to get to where he doesn’t have to think about it, where he doesn’t have to be actively involved in that he’s clean and right. He can just play,” Carroll said, according to USA Today Sports. “That’s when he’ll become the best player he can, and that’s a couple of years down the road. There is nothing to hold him back in terms of being a really good performer this year.”

With training camp opening up today, it is imperative that the entire team bust out of the gates running. In order to reach the ultimate goal the coaches and players will have to give it everything they got for the rest of summer.

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