2013 NFL Predictions: Reggie Bush Will Gain 1,800 Yards From Scrimmage

By Andrew Fisher
Reggie Bush
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off two of the best statistical years of his career, Reggie Bush is set to join the high flying Detroit Lions in 2013. The Detroit offense has mainly consisted of a steady diet of quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Calvin Johnson for the past couple of years, so the addition of Bush will provide a much needed new dynamic.

Bush’s ability to split time at running back and receiver is going create a ton of matchup problems for opposing defenses. With a player like Megatron on the field at the same time, Bush is likely to see lots of one-on-one action. In addition, he’s going to be open a lot in short yardage situations for Stafford to check down to.

If you look back at Bush’s career numbers, he’s never really put a good rushing and receiving season together. His rookie year remains his most balanced to date, as he racked up 565 yards rushing and 742 more through the air. His career high for yards from scrimmage came in 2011, when he amassed 1,382. He finally broke the 1k mark that season, something many critics thought he’d never do.

So it’s with all those figures in mind that I’m predicting 1,800 yards from scrimmage for Bush in 2013. He’s going to get the carries this year and he’ll be used equally in the passing game. He’s also never played on a team with a receiver as good as Megatron. The respect he garners is going to open up Bush’s game and Stafford will find him. When you look top to bottom at Detroit’s offense, I believe it’s the best overall situation Bush has been in. Therefore, while he’s still in his 20’s and with much to prove, I’m predicting a career-season for the former, once-removed Heisman trophy winner.


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