Braylon Edwards Signing A Brilliant Move By New York Jets

By Matthew Solomon
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Injuries are somewhat taking their toll on the receiving corps of the New York Jets. Currently, Santonio Holmes is out of action, recovering from the knee injury suffered last season. With Holmes on the sidelines, that leaves no real proven targets for Jets quarterbacks to throw to. Enter Braylon Edwards. After passing his physical on Wednesday, Edwards is officially a member of Gang Green for a third time in his career. This new deal for Edwards is only good for a year, and, as of now, how much money he will be making has yet to be disclosed.  Bringing Edwards back into the fold with the Jets is a brilliant move for a few different reasons.

First of all, it gives the Jets a proven target to work with at receiver in training camp. I’m sorry, but I still don’t fully trust Stephen Hill or Jeremy Kerley just yet. Of those two guys, Kerley is the better receiver, as far as I can tell, but neither one of them are star wide outs in the NFL. At least not yet. With Edwards in the mix it gives the Jets a true No. 1 receiver going into training camp. At the moment, the other big-time receiver the Jets have in Holmes is still recovering from injury. The Edwards signing gives the Jets a legitimate threat at the receiver position right off the bat. And when Holmes is back healthy and able to get into the Jets starting lineup, the combination of Holmes and Edwards could be deadly for opposing defenses. Having both guys on the field at the same time, and both guys healthy, can make life very difficult for the opposition.

The other real reason I feel this is a great move is for the benefit of Mark Sanchez. See, when Sanchez and Edwards played together in 2010, both benefited greatly from one another. Sanchez threw for over 3,000 yards for the first time, and 904 of those yards where picked up by Edwards, the second best receiving year of his career. That year marked the second straight trip to the AFC title game for the Jets. Sanchez hasn’t played all that great the past few seasons, and one of those reasons could be he hasn’t had a full complement of talent to work with at receiver. He now has somebody to throw to again he feels confident with in Edwards. These two guys worked great together the first full go around. Then Edwards was brought back for the final three games of last season and caught 10 passes for 125 yards. So that should tell you right there that Edwards has no problems at all working within the Jets system.

I think given time and a little space, Edwards could help bring the Jets back to a little bit of respectability at least. If nothing else, it should make for entertaining football to watch.

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