Gus Bradley Has Jacksonville Jaguars Subscribing to New Motto

By Andrew Fisher
Gus Bradley
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

After many years of floating around without much of an identity, it seems the Jacksonville Jaguars finally have some direction under new head coach Gus Bradley. The former defensive coordinator is already shaping this Jaguars team with his philosophies, but the most important one is something he shares with the team on a regular basis.

“We have a saying in our locker room. I preached it to our players. I believe the three most dangerous words in the NFL are, ‘I got it,’ and we stay away from those words. I want our players, our coaches and the whole organization to have the mindset that ‘we ain’t ever got it,’ and we’re going to compete in everything that we do.”

In other words, Bradley never wants his players to become complacent. There’s always something to be achieved in the NFL and the Jaguars are no doubt a team that’s lacking in achievements. Anyone on the Jacksonville roster that thinks they got it, would be sorely mistaken. This is a team that’s won a combined seven games over the past two seasons and that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2007.

Just from what I’ve heard from the Jags’ new head coach so far, he seems like he’s really got his act together. The defense he led in Seattle has now become arguably the league’s best, so there’s reason to think the same thing could happen in Jacksonville. Unfortunately, the Jaguars’ defense is just one of the many things that needs improvement.


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