Mike Williams Thrilled to be a Part of Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Life

By Michael Terrill
Mike Williams Thrilled to be a Part of Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Life
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams has spent three years with the organization, and will remain with the team what will most likely be the rest of his career. Williams inked a six-year contract (five-year extension added on to the last year of rookie contract) that will pay him $40 million with $15 million guaranteed. Williams is thrilled about the deal while the Buccaneers have to be happy to have a talented receiver for many more years.

“This is what I wanted,” Williams said, according to Buccaneers.com. “This is everything I wanted. I wanted to be here, I wanted to stay here.  The process is worth it.  ‘To be a Buc for life,’ that’s what I say. I don’t care if it was a two-year deal, I’m a Buc for life. I don’t care what Mark says, I’m going to be a Buc for life. To get this process done, it feels great.”

Tampa Bay fans have to be excited that a top-notch wide receiver that has the potential to be a superstar in the NFL is ecstatic about staying with the team. The fact is the Buccaneers have been a struggled for several years so signed Williams to a long-term deal could entice other talented players to come to Tampa Bay.

As happy as the fans are, the coaching staff is even more excited because they know the possibilities with him lining up on offense.

“We’re blessed to have Mike now, for the long term,” head coach Greg Schiano said, according to Buccaneers.com. “The way he plays and practices the game is really important to me. This is a guy who loves football. As I said when we arrived here, we’re looking for guys who are going to do things the right way and love the game of football, not like it. This guy right here, he loves it.”

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