Percy Harvin to PUP List is Bad Sign For Seattle Seahawks

By Andrew Fisher

The Seattle Seahawks clearly had the Super Bowl in mind when they traded away their first round draft pick this year to acquire Percy Harvin. The speedy wide out was going into the final year of his rookie contract, so the Seahawks acted quickly and signed him to a six-year/$67 million contract. It looked like everything was good to go for the new season, but with the start of camp came the bad news that Harvin has been placed on the PUP list.

Harvin is said to be dealing with a slight labrum tear in his hip, but is also getting a second opinion. So for now, he’s physically unable to perform. This is not what you want to hear if you’re a Seahawks’ fan.

While there is a perception that Harvin is injury-prone, that’s not really the case. 2012 was the first time he’s missed significant action during a season and his notorious migraine headaches have mostly kept him off the practice field. But still, Harvin is a guy that worries you if you’re a fan. Mainly just because of his style of play.

The Minnesota Vikings used the speedy play-maker a lot. They lined him up everywhere on the field and got him the ball anyway possible. The Seahawks are expected to do the same thing, but I believe they need to be very cautious. That’s most likely what this move to the PUP list is, precautionary, but it’s absolutely not the way Seahawks’ fans wanted to see their new star’s career begin in Seattle.

Harvin will probably be fine for the start of the reason, but this is a story to an eye on.


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