San Diego Chargers Plan to Continue Tweaking Roster During Training Camp

By Anthony Blake
Mike McCoy San Diego Chargers training camp
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 version of the San Diego Chargers is littered with question marks at every turn. A rookie head coach, rookie general manager, and several rookie players in starting roles will do that to a team. That’s why the Bolts are keeping their options open throughout training camp to potentially adding or subtracting a player or two in case the pieces of the puzzle aren’t fitting together quite right.

At least that’s what can be inferred by some commentary offered to U-T San Diego by head coach Mike McCoy who said:

“We’re giving everyone an opportunity to show us what they can do. That’s what training camp is for and the preseason. You evaluate guys. Training camp is the next step for everybody. Some guys who (played) better than you thought in OTAs and minicamp, well, they’re not as good in pads, and the game is played in pads. We’ll see who makes the next step. By no means are we done with the roster.”

Basically this is a curb your enthusiasm type of message to fans when it comes to the expectations for this football team. There’s a reason the Chargers haven’t made one single roster move over the past two months leading up to training camp. GM Tom Telesco is waiting to see just what this squad looks like in pads to determine where they need a little more help and where the current assembly just doesn’t look right.

20 undrafted rookies remain with the Bolts, and those are the same 20 guys that signed with the team prior to minicamp. Seeing what guys can do in pads with actual full-out contact is a valuable tool as McCoy indicated. There are sure to be guys who could have been cut in the first go-round look impressive now in full uniform. And it’s likely that some who impressed initially will actually regress a little and fall out of favor as camp progresses.

For a bunch of rookies, this staff seems to have things figured out. They certainly have more trust with the fans than the previous hapless regime of Norv Turner and A.J. Smith already and that has to count for something.

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