Why Is Minesota Vikings WR Greg Jennings Still Talking About The Green Bay Packers?

By Paul Seaver
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA Today Sports

The Minnesota Vikings picked up a high-quality wide receiver this off-season when Greg Jennings opted to leave the Green Bay Packers for their divisional rival. Ever since the move however, Jennings just can’t stop talking about the Packers and even more notably, their star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

There has been some preseason “trash talking” going back and forth, but in no way has it been severe or personal, it’s almost been borderline said in a joking manner. But Jennings just continues to bring up Green Bay whenever he has had the chance to and the season has not even started yet. The two teams will meet twice this year and Jennings will even return to Green Bay on Nov. 24 and after all this talking, he better be ready to play when the two square off.

Green Bay has basically been ignoring Jennings’ comments, so why is he still trying to get a rise out of Rodgers and the Packers? Just let it go and move on. Or at least wait for the see to begin before trash-talking with your former team and new divisional rival.

Minnesota has made improvements this off-season and there’s no doubt that the Vikings could be ready to make a move and pose a threat to Green Bay within the NFC North. Jennings will be an important piece to that equation, but what’s he really trying to prove with these off-season comments at Rodgers and Green Bay? He’s won more NFC North titles with Green Bay than Minnesota has collectively since 2009 and now he’s on the other side of the field.

Jennings needs to back away and if he wants to stir the pot with his former team, do so on the field because at this juncture, he left a team that has won back-to-back divisional titles and it’s Rodgers and company that is on the quest for a three-peat in 2013 — not Jennings anymore.


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