Adrian Peterson Has Never Changed His Story on PEDs

By Andrew Fisher
Adrian Peterson
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone who follows Adrian Peterson knows that the running back has always laughed off speculation that he uses performance enhancing drugs. He even made headlines awhile back when he said that he actually enjoys hearing steroid speculation about himself. But now AP has taken things a step further by speaking on HGH use in the NFL.

“You’ve got HGH, something that doesn’t show up on a test, and you’ve got guys out there trying to provide for their families. They’re going to try to get that edge, get that advantage, especially if they’re not worried about trying to get caught. Yeah, it’s being used.”

Peterson is of course alluding to the fact that the NFL doesn’t currently test for HGH. However, he says he’d welcome testing because he’s ‘clean as a whistle.’

It’s obvious there are HGH users in the NFL right, just like most other sports. Cheating and performance enhancing have always been a part of athletics and HGH is the modern day form of that. Until all the sports and leagues start testing for it on a regular basis, HGH use will continue. It’s really that simple.

For whatever reason, football players that use PEDs usually aren’t as harshly criticized as baseball players, even though there are probably close to the same number of players using in each sport. I believe it’s going to take a big name NFL guy to get caught before football gets lumped into anywhere near the same category as baseball.

Until a big name player who holds a significant record gets caught using HGH or some other PED, the perception of doping in football will remain how it is today. It’s definitely time the NFL starts testing for it, because they certainly don’t want to go down the road MLB has over the last decade.


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