Buffalo Bills and Jairus Byrd are Both Wrong

By Matt Ploss
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA Today Sports

Let’s get one thing straight; the Buffalo Bills are dead wrong for not extending the contract of their best and most consistent defensive play-maker. With ample cap space and plenty of uncertainty at the safety position, it seemed like a veritable guarantee heading into this offseason that the Bills would make the easy and right decision to re-sign Jairus Byrd.

Anyone counting on that was right to do so but was also clearly forgetting that these are the Bills we’re talking about. Buffalo failed to meet Byrd halfway in negotiations, or even a quarter of the way. In fact, they didn’t even get out of their armchairs to make the walk to the front door. Buffalo’s front office didn’t even bother to brush the Frito fragments off of their dark blue, ‘athletic fit’ size XXL polo shirts or company-issued pleated khakis. Instead they just sat there in that metaphorical armchair, snoring Elmer Fudd-style until the free agency period came to a close and Jairus Byrd was hit with the franchise tag.

The Buffalo Bills’ complete lack of effort in trying to re-sign their star safety was asinine, plain and simple. But with reports now coming out that Byrd will not be reporting to the team’s training camp this summer, the Bills are no longer the only guilty party. Byrd has been franchised by the Bills, meaning he is now obligated to play out the 2013 season for a little under $7 million. Poor guy. Instead of sucking it up and trying to be the best player he can be for the sake of his teammates, Jairus is playing the diva and holding a grudge.

What began a few months ago as an unfortunate situation is now a full-on, head-shaking, drywall-punching, face-palming, jersey-burning disaster. And the worst part about it all? When a front office squares off against one of its best players, the biggest loser will always be the team and its fans.

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