Could Tim Tebow Be Used As Catch-And-Run Threat In New England Patriots' Backfield?

By Paul Seaver
Stew Milne-USA Today Sports

Barring the unimaginable, newly-acquired New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow will not be on the field throwing passes in a consistent manner this upcoming season. With training camp underway in Foxboro, Massachusetts however, many fans and members of the media are more than interested to see how the Patriots plan to use Tebow in their offense this season.

While it probably won’t be known until New England actually takes the field during the regular season, it’s clear that Tebow will have a position and a job within this offense that is very low key. With that being said however, it’s not that hard to imagine New England holding a few tricks up their sleeves with Tebow now on their roster.

On Friday afternoon, Tebow hit the practice field simply looking to provide a sense of stability to the Patriots’ depth chart. During 11-on-11 drills, Tebow took some snaps at quarterback, but in addition to that, he also took part in one-on-one run-after-catch/tackling technique drills. In this case, he caught a short pass from a quarterback and attempted to elude a defender in a confined space.

Could this be a clear indication of how New England plans to use Tebow at times? Keep in mind, the team did lose Danny Woodhead, who was very valuable at this exact type of structure over the past couple of years.

It’s an interesting concept and it’s one that might hint at what New England has in mind, but it doesn’t necessarily answer any questions. Tebow will have a very small role within the Patriots’ offense this season, but he’s the type of name that who could rail off a nice catch-and-run mid-game that could immediately electrify the home crowd at Gillette Stadium. This would be a nice and simple approach for New England with Tebow with some potential game-changing qualities.


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