Dee Milliner Holdout is Last Thing New York Jets Need

By Andrew Fisher
Dee Milliner
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets traded away their best player this offseason when they sent Darrelle Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This of course meant they had to acquire another cornerback to fill the void in their secondary, and the Jets did just that by selecting Dee Milliner with the ninth overall pick in this year’s draft.

While it’s unfair to call the rookie Revis’ replacement, because we are talking about the best corner in football, it’s still a reality that Milliner is technically taking Revis’ spot. He’s expected to eventually become the team’s new No.1 corner – but it’s unfair if you expect him to be as good as Revis right out of the gate.

The bad news for Jets’ fans is that Milliner is not coming out of the gate. He’s currently holding out and not attending training camp due to his rookie contract, or lack thereof. The two sides have yet to reach an agreement and so the rookie corner is staying on the sidelines for now.

Head coach Rex Ryan said he was a ‘little disappointed’ the rookie wasn’t in attendance at camp Thursday, but I think what he meant to say was, ‘Are you freaking kidding me!? We trade Revis and now this rook job isn’t showing up!’ But of course Ryan played it cool to the media, saying that he’s just going to coach the players ‘that are here.’

This holdout is this last New York needs right now. With a quarterback situation that’s ready to explode and an offense that lacks stars, the Jets need their defense to be the backbone of the team. Having a reliable defensive unit is the only way they’ll have a chance at respectability in 2013. The longer that Milliner sits out, the worse off he will be in first season and the worse off the Jets will be as they try to put things back together.


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