Do Seattle Seahawks Have to Think Long-Term With Percy Harvin?

By Andrew Fisher

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. While football is just a game, the Seattle Seahawks still had their world shaken up this past Thursday. Percy Harvin unexpectedly started training camp on the PUP list and suspicion started to rise from there. Eventually it came out that the wide receiver has a slight tear in the labrum in his hip – which could lead to season-ending surgery. This is of course the last thing the Seahawks and their fans wanted to hear, but now everything is riding on the second opinion Harvin will get Tuesday in New York.

The good news so far is that the team’s doctor reportedly hasn’t recommended surgery. Players can rehab from this injury and avoid the operating table, so there is hope right now in Seattle. Thus far, the team is just doing the right thing by being cautious. They shut him down for the start of camp and they’re going to figure out this injury before they move forward.

It’s the moving forward part that’s going to be the most difficult, though. Surgery might be optional in Harvin’s case, but is it ultimately the right call to fix this now before it becomes a lingering issue? The speedy receiver was no doubt brought in to help the team get to the Super Bowl in 2014, but at the same time, they signed him to a long-term deal.

It’s not like Seattle can’t compete without Harvin this season. They didn’t give up any players for him in the trade, so he’s really just an added bonus to the roster. But he’s also a bonus that’s good enough to take their offense from good to great and potentially enough to put them over the top in the NFC.

The upcoming decision on Harvin’s future is going to be an extremely tough one to make. We’ll know a lot more after his visit on Tuesday, but if another doctor doesn’t recommend going under the knife, there’s no doubt in my mind we’ll see him out on the field before too long.


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