New England Patriots: Staying Silent on Aaron Hernandez is Clearly Right Decision

By Andrew Fisher
Aaron Hernandez
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Ignoring something and hoping it will go away is not always the best thing to do in life, but it’s often a strategy used by the New England Patriots. It all starts with head coach Bill Belichick and his unwillingness to divulge any details about the Patriots and that funnels down to the players. We saw that with Tom Brady‘s first public comments since the Aaron Hernandez arrest and now it’s spread to the rest of the team.

Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes both revealed to the media that they weren’t allowed to comment on the Hernandez situation, even though Spikes said he wanted to. While this might seem a little strict, it’s not a surprising move by the Patriots, because it’s the right move to make.

The figure heads of the franchise commented on the situation and now it’s time to move on. Belichick and Brady acknowledged what happened, but they know that dwelling on their former tight end is not good for the team. The Patriots are in the business of winning football games and this fiasco is merely a bump in the road en route to their ultimate goal.

As an organization you just can’t have players freely talking about about a former teammate that’s suspected of murder. With the case soon to be in court, there’s no reason to comment or speculate on the outcome or anything related to it. The reality is that Hernandez is no longer part of the organization. His departure was shocking and stunning, but it’s over now. Staying silent on the matter is the only thing to do, because there’s nothing that anyone can say, that will change what’s already happened.


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