Philadelphia Philliles: Key Details Provide Insight Into Chip Kelly's Offensive Scheme

By Matt Shaner
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

One of the factors surrounding this Philadelphia Eagles training camp is the speculation about the format of the offense.

Will Chip Kelly stick to his roots or won’t he? Will the Eagles be shaped into a hyped-up version of Kelly’s college game? This has been debated in the media since his hiring and arrival. Kelly has not offered much solid information, and this is understandable considering he still has the advantage of being a new coach without game tape for opponents to analyze.

Dennis Dixon told the NFL Network saying the offense will be faster than the one he ran in college. Now a second member of the team has stepped up to provide additional clarity. Ted Williams is in his 19th season with the team, now working as tight ends coach. In an interview on Birds 24/7, he states:

“I don’t think that anything’s going to change from what he knows … It’ll be very, very similar to what you saw at Oregon because the play-calling … he needs to be comfortable with what he’s saying to the offense and how he’s communicating it. So you don’t just out of the box decide that you’re going to do something a certain way and you don’t feel comfortable with it. So it’s going to look like Oregon.”

This is the right way to go. Why hire Kelly, fly him to the east coast and give him a large amount of money if you want a watered-down version of his system?

When Pat Shurmur was hired, it caused speculation that Kelly would defer influence to his West Coast Offense leanings. Williams’ quote kills that train of thought completely. No more pass-heavy attack. No more base sets, roll out patterns with receivers blanketed by safeties who know exactly what is coming. No more predictability.

Kelly’s offense will be about fluid motion, the chance to adjust on the fly, spot a weakness and attack before the defense can respond.

Williams’ statement is exciting to say the least. Philadelphia needed a team willing to undergo a complete philosophy change, and the Eagles have filled that role. The fans are dying to get to September and embrace football once again.

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