Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan Saying and Doing the Right Things, For Now

By briancarroccio
Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins
Geoff Burke-USA Today Sports

Saying and doing the right things is usually a pretty good start.

And so far (one day), Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and head coach Mike Shanahan are saying and at least what the public can tell, doing the right things with regard to the recovering quarterback.

Of course, Griffin suffered a knee injury during last season’s playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Shanahan was heavily criticized for leaving a hobbled Griffin in the game and in the minds of many exposing the quarterback to the significant injuries he incurred.

Also, Griffin has been somewhat criticized for his own stubbornness. And whether these two could collaborate properly in handling the star quarterback’s recovery properly has been the subject of immense speculation this offseason.

Further, I’ve written on numerous occasions that Griffin’s rehabilitation was only part of the process in his return to health. In other words, Griffin’s knee injury was essentially symptomatic of  not only Griffin’s stubbornness, but also the handling of him by Shanahan.

Now, to be clear, I’m not advocating getting out the pitchforks and running Shanahan out of town. I’m of the belief that whatever you think of Shanahan personally, he has significantly professionalized what was a completely dysfunctional franchise.

That being said, the ornery coach isn’t exactly the type of guy to stand up and say, “Hey everyone, my bad. I really screwed up, but I’ll do better next time. Your forgiveness would mean everything to me.”

That hasn’t happened, nor will it.

However, he has admitted they are exercising caution. Unlike last year’s playoff game, Shanahan isn’t going to take Griffin’s word for it. Griffin will have  show him “on the field,” according to Shanahan. Griffin, for his part, seems more willing to defer to the head coach, than he has been before.

So, for a day at least, everyone is saying and doing the right things. Sure, Shanahan hasn’t said “my bad, I royally screwed up in the Seattle game.” Griffin hasn’t exactly said “whatever decision Coach makes is the right decision.”

Still, if you read between the lines, it seems these two stubborn, driven men have at the very least acknowledged there was a better way to handle things than the Seattle game.

And for that Redskins fans should be more than a little encouraged.

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