Seattle Seahawks Can Win Without Percy Harvin

By Todd Pheifer

Percy Harvin of the Seattle Seahawks is hurt. He may need surgery. He may be lost for extended period of time. Insert audible groan here.

All is lost. Hopes for a Super Bowl victory are dashed before the season even began. Seattle fans might as well accept the fact that they are never going to enjoy the Lombardi Trophy.

Steady on, fans.

If Harvin is lost for an extended period of time, that is obviously a blow. However, all is not lost. Winning a Super Bowl will not be easy, but they can do it without the talents of Mr. Harvin. It was going to be tough even with him. Obviously, fans and media members are going to make a big deal about this, as they should. Harvin is a dynamic playmaker and his abilities will not be easily replaced. It is difficult to substitute electricity.

However, let’s keep something in mind. This Seattle team was a defensive stop away from the NFC Championship Game in 2012. If Seattle gets that stop, who knows what might have happened? The Seahawks could have ridden that momentum all the way to a Super Bowl victory.

Obviously, that is in the past. However, the present and the future are still very, very bright. The ‘Hawks still have a fantastic defense led by the likes of Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas. Seattle has a great offense with Russell Wilson at the helm and Marshawn Lynch carrying the rock.

This team was great before Harvin arrived, and this team is still great. At the risk of minimizing Harvin’s impact, he represents a large bonus for an already-contending team.

The Seahawks can win without Harvin. They still have good receivers in Sidney Rice and Golden Tate. Rookie receiver Chris Harper may emerge as a big-play threat. In addition, there is the reality that Seattle will most likely continue to pound the ball. Beast Mode is in his prime and the Seahawks added talented running back Christine Michael.

Take a deep breath, fans. As the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy says, “Don’t panic.”

Sooner rather than later, this discussion may be moot if Harvin is able to heal and come back quickly. Fans sure hope that this injury is not serious, because it would be very exciting to see what Harvin can do on the field.

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