Which Quarterback Will Have The Best Sophomore Season?

By John Beauchamp
Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, the NFL had the most starting rookie quarterbacks ever with Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden and Russell Wilson. In fact, Luck, Griffin and Wilson all made the playoffs, but the question is who will do the best this in 2013?

I believe the quarterback with the highest expectations is Wilson as he lead the Seattle Seahawks to the divisional round of the playoffs and now has another weapon at receiver with Percy Harvin. Wilson was certainly a surprise this past year as he was drafted by Seattle in the third round with the expectations to be nothing more than a backup, but he earned his starting role during the preseason and now he’s the franchise quarterback.

Weeden was drafted in the first round by the Cleveland Browns from Oklahoma State. I really hated this pick because as good as Weeden could be, he’s 29 years old. If he’s lucky, he’ll be in his prime at age 33 which gives him about three more good years in the league. With Weeden’s age already becoming a factor, it’s hard to see him as a franchise quarterback.

Tannehill could be in for a great year as the Miami Dolphins acquired Mike Wallace through free agency this offseason. I think that these two players could be a great combo together as the Dolphins could become a winning team in the league.

Griffin has a lot of expectations this year, but if he wants to be as good as he was in 2012, he’s going to need to change his game around. Griffin suffered from a concussion, sprained knee and torn ACL (same knee that was previously injured). If Griffin plans to last in this league, he needs to limit his carries. In my opinion, his carries should be limited to three-to-four times per quarter instead of three-to-four times each drive. If Griffin does this and his passes are nearly pin point, then he could have a record breaking year.

Luck was drafted first overall in 2012 by the Indianapolis Colts, he had a great year as he lead the Colts to a playoff birth. The expectations of  Luck will always be high as he will be remembered for a very long time as Peyton Manning‘s replacement. He is the ideal quarterback in this league with the height, mobility and arm to one day be the best in the NFL.

If I had to choose right now who was going to have the best year, I would say Wilson. The only thing missing is his height, but Wilson has a great arm and he knows when to run the ball safely. Something that Wilson has that the other sophomores don’t, is the weapons all around the field. Sure, Luck has Reggie Wayne, Griffin has Pierre Garcon and Tannehill has Wallace, but Wilson has Harvin, Sydney Rice, Golden Tate and even Marshawn Lynch to help out the run game.

Wilson is certainly in for a great year and he might even be in the running for the MVP and a Super Bowl.

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