Will Kevin Kolb Take Buffalo Bills to Next Level?

By Michael Terrill
Will Kevin Kolb Take Buffalo Bills to Next Level
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills have been a rather depressing team for over a decade, which is a shame considering how loyal the fan base is. The team is hoping quarterback Kevin Kolb, who is currently competing for the starting job against rookie E.J. Manuel, can take the Bills to the next level.

Even though Manuel is very physically gifted, Kolb appears to have the edge for the starting job.

“Both are head-to-head because it’s a new offense for both of them,” Bills legendary quarterback Jim Kelly said, according to USA Today Sports. “From Kevin’s standpoint, he’s seen the defenses, he’s seen how fast the game is. It’s not college, it’s the NFL.

“But EJ … from watching him, he’s a specimen. I was never like that, not even close. But I know to be a quarterback in the NFL, it’s what you got between your ears. Both seem like they know what they’re doing but time will tell.”

It certainly would not be the worst thing in the world for Manuel to sit on the bench behind Kolb and learn how the professional level works. Obviously, some rookie quarterbacks thrive when thrown into the starting role right away while others falter. Buffalo is clearly in no position to be ruining a possible star signal caller when they have Kolb who is capable of starting immediately.

Kolb in all likelihood gives the Bills the best chance of winning right away. He has proven at times that he is capable of being a decent quarterback who can make the necessary plays to win games. On the other hand, as fellow Rant Sports writer Matt Ploss pointed out, Kolb may not finish the season due to his history of injuries.

With that being said, if Kolb can stay healthy I believe the Bills could go places in 2013. It is unknown whether he will be able to lead the Bills to the playoffs in his first season, especially since the AFC East can be a competitive division. However, improving on eight straight seasons with a losing record should be the first order of business anyways.

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