Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton Cares More About Winning Than Money

By Michael Terrill
Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton Cares More About Winning Than Money
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Playing in the NFL is a job, a paycheck for several men to support their families. Obviously, these players do not feel as if they are going to work for the paycheck, but rather, to win a Super Bowl. However, when it all boils down to it a paycheck is really what it is. Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is someone that has the potential to get a big payday in the near future but he does not care about that. Money is nice and all but all Newton cares about is winning.

“The only thing that’s on my mind right now is a three-letter word. I think y’all know what that three-letter word is,” Newton told, referring to his desire to win.

The reason the topic came up was in reference to Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan signing a five-year, $104 million contract extension. When Newton was asked about his thoughts on Ryan’s big raise in pay, Newton had the following to say:

“I didn’t think anything. Good for him, but nothing more than that.”

Considering the Panthers have not reached the playoffs since the 2008 season, and the team has only won 13 games in Newton’s first two seasons in the league, it is understandable why the 24-year-old would publicly state that winning is all that is on his mind. Considering he has not done a lot of winning at the professional level, it is certainly something worth shooting for.

There is no question if Carolina wants to post an above-.500 record for the first time in years they will need Newton to step up his game tremendously in 2013.

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