Does John Abraham Make Arizona Cardinals Contenders in NFC West?

By Michael Terrill
Does John Abraham Make Arizona Cardinals Contenders in NFC West
Josh D. Weiss-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals signing linebacker John Abraham is a fantastic move that should make opposing offenses in the division very nervous. Abraham inked a two-year, $6 million contract with the Cardinals, which is a great deal for both parties. There is no question the 35-year-old will make improve Arizona immensely. The only question will be if he can improve the team enough to become contenders in the competitive NFC West.

Abraham has become a top-notch pass rusher in the NFL over the past several years. He also is very durable, as he has only missed two games in six seasons. There is no question he will inspire the rest of the defense around him, as well as, greatly improve the chances of getting to the opposing quarterback.

It is hard to say how much playing time the Cardinals will give Abraham. Obviously, they will want him on the field for any pass-rushing situation as that is the main reason for acquiring the veteran. However, how many more snaps per game will he see other than that? It is a question that will not be answered yet, but there is no doubt Arizona will have a better idea once they see him in action during training camp.

As far as Abraham helping the Cardinals become contenders in the division, it is certainly very realistic to believe that his impact could inspire the team to go above and beyond. The great part about professional football is that any team can have a solid offseason and training camp that turns into a stellar regular season campaign. Different teams emerge every year to make the playoffs and there is reason to believe Arizona could be one of those teams in 2013.

Abraham recorded 35 total tackles, 10 sacks and six forced fumbles in 16 games with the Atlanta Falcons last season.

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