Philadelphia Eagles Running Back LeSean McCoy Envisions Dominant Season

By Matt Lombardo
LeSean McCoy
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is already a game changer.

In his four-year career, McCoy has already racked up 3,866 yards and rushing 30 touchdowns and in the past three seasons, only three running backs have scored more touchdowns than Shady’s total of 35.

Even so, upon checking into his first training camp under run-centric head coach Chip Kelly, McCoy has made it his stated goal to be even more dominant.

“I think in this offense, [with] the ability to run the ball more, I can kind of take over a game,” McCoy said as he checked into the Novacare Complex, Thursday. “There has been flashes of it in the past, but having the ability to do it day-in and day-out, game-in and game-out, I think that’s a different story.”

The rookie head coach Kelly has a track record for running the ball early and often. In 2012, Kelly’s University of Oregon Ducks ran the ball 65% of the time, or 685 times throughout the season. While it’s unlikely the Eagles will approach that kind of run-to-pass ratio, it is far from a stretch to say the Birds will run the ball more than they ever have under former head coach Andy Reid who preferred to make his bones through the passing game, by a wide margin.

“Chip has shown that he runs the ball tons,” McCoy pointed out. “So I think that’s kind of different,” he said. “With all the talent and the supporting cast around me, that should be easy.”

“I think we could be dangerous,” he said. “I think there’s big potential. We can make some big noise. I think the biggest thing with this offense, it puts you in open space. We’re constantly going, foot on the gas. Teams get tired and they’re trying to figure out and think of defensive strategy while we’re going. We’re pushing it high tempo.

McCoy is ready to turn the page from a disastrous 2012 campaign that saw the Eagles limp to the finish line with a 4-12 record. The five-year veteran totaled only 840 yards and two touchdowns a year ago, but also missed four games after suffering a concussion and spent a majority of the season playing behind a line decimated by injuries.

“Just kinda put that to rest,” McCoy said. “New season. New coach. Tons of new players. New schemes. Everything is so different. Even just walking in the building, you see different things. So I think this year will be a lot different.”

While Reid has reportedly yet to call a running play in the first two days of Kansas City Chiefs training camp this week, Kelly’s Eagles along with McCoy appear Born To Run.


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