Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Percy Harvin Could Miss Season

By Todd Pheifer

The Seattle Seahawks may have to shut down the Percy Harvin experiment before it even begins. Second opinions are being sought even though the team remains optimistic. Unfortunately, the worst-case scenario is not good and the NFL can be unforgiving when it comes to certain injuries.

Pete Carroll was quoted as saying that hip surgery could mean that Harvin would be lost for the season.

“If you have hip surgery, it’s a lot longer than the season,” Carroll told USA TODAY Sports in a story that published Friday night. “Hip surgery, he’s not going to play for the season.”

You do have to put the words into context in this situation. Carroll did say the word “if.” There are a lot of uncertainties in life. Is it possible that the best or worst of situations could occur at any moment? Obviously.

For fans, it is hard to be totally optimistic and assume that everything is just going to work out. Despite being “cleared” by team doctors, Harvin isn’t comfortable and he wants a second opinion. Perhaps the second opinion will concur with team doctors, but it doesn’t change the fact that Harvin is reportedly experiencing ongoing pain.

There is, unfortunately, still a level of subjectivity and interpretation in the medical field.

Maybe Carroll is trying to soften the blow now, just in case the electric receiver does end up being lost for an extended period of time. Or, he may just be providing a hypothetical outcome even if he is optimistic.

You never really know what coaches are trying to accomplish when they talk to the media.

Regardless, the fans should not panic. If Harvin is lost, that is obviously a blow to the excitement surrounding this team. However, the ‘Hawks are still a stacked team that is primed for a Super Bowl run.

Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas are still around. Fans will continue to hope that none of them have to consider hip surgery anytime soon.

At the moment, all fans can do is wait for more medical results. It should be an interesting week for the Seahawks and their fans. Percy Harvin’s future is, at the moment, uncertain.

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