Biggest Question the Atlanta Falcons Must Answer During Training Camp

By Leigh Allen
Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons TC
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

2013 could well be the season of Super Bowl dreams becoming reality for the Atlanta Falcons.

With training camp well underway, there are—as with every other preseason—questions that must be asked and definitely answered. However, the implications of the answers are more important this season than any other. The buzz surrounding quarterback Matt Ryan’s contract extension has brought to the forefront one of the most imposing questions to date. That question: Is Matt Ryan ready to join the elite quarterback ranks?

The Falcons were coming off a 4-12 season when they drafted Ryan in 2008. Since the Ryan era began, winning seasons have become the norm. The losing tide has washed out to sea as the number of wins increases. Each winning season is building to the biggest win of all…the Super Bowl.

Yes, Ryan received an incredibly lucrative contract. In this day and age of NFL powerhouse owners and contract wheeling and dealing, it was to be expected. Also, the Falcons know they have a proven commodity in Ryan. And, if for some ridiculous reason they hadn’t done what was necessary to keep him there are many teams out there who would have been willing to do so. The contract was put in place for the performance Ryan will deliver in the future…and rest assured, he will deliver.

As for the naysayers who insist Ryan will never win or even make it to the Super Bowl, they’re wrong. Plain and simple. With the Falcons is where he wants to be. Now that he knows the powers-that-be, his teammates and fans want him there as well, just watch what he’ll do when he steps into the shoes of an elite quarterback.


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