Is Tennessee Titans’ Tommie Campbell Ready to Have Impact in 2013?

By Michael Terrill
Is Tennessee Titans’ Tommie Campbell Ready to Have Impact in 2013
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Titans cornerback Tommie Campbell has all the necessary tools to be a very good defensive player in the NFL. He is physically gifted, very athletic and has the complete set of skills to dominate the cornerback position. Unfortunately, his inconsistency kept him on the bench for most of last season. However, Campbell is ready to compete for more playing time and have an impact in 2013.

Campbell has worked hard in the offseason to get better and, with the help of defensive coordinator Jerry Gray, has a better knowledge of how to play defensive back at a high level.

“He gave me the answers I need to know. He said, ‘My first year I was just out there running. Last year, I really didn’t know,’ but this year he’s understanding what people are doing to him,” Gray said earlier this year, according to “He knows what they’re doing within the route, and if you can think like that, you can play really good at corner.

“Most guys think, ‘I’m 6-3, I can run a 4.3 (in the 40-yard dash), I can cover anybody in this league. Well, nobody runs go routes all day so how are you going to cover a curl, out or hitch and go, and he has to understand that and not get panicked when he gets behind and he’s shown some of that this offseason.”

Campbell understands that if he wants the coaching staff to trust him then he will have to learn from his mistakes quickly. He also knows that his best chance of getting more time on the field is to play to his strengths. That means be more physical and be in the right position to make a game-changing play.

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