New York Jets Can't Afford Any More Major Injuries As Training Camp Goes On

By Jesse Schwartz
Santonio Holmes
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

With season-ending injuries to Jeremy Maclin and Dennis Pitta occurring on Saturday, teams around the NFL were reminded that training camp injuries can derail any coach’s plans for the regular season. Losing a key player for the year after a collision with his own teammate is a tough pill to swallow for any coach or GM. But for the New York Jets especially, an injury like that would be completely devastating.

The Jets are set to practice in full pads today, cranking the training camp intensity up another notch. Guys are always bound to get banged up, but a major injury to a key contributor would leave the Jets with an even thinner roster than they already have now. There’s not a single position that the Jets have exceptional depth at. If a starter on either side of the ball goes down in camp, they’ll likely be left with a guy who has limited NFL experience.

Luckily for the Philadelphia Eagles, DeSean Jackson can step up and be the primary receiver for the offense. Likewise, the Baltimore Ravens have a veteran tight end in Ed Dickson to fill in for Pitta. The Jets don’t have the luxury of many capable veterans backing up their starters. So while fans should hope for a young star to emerge out of training camp, they should also be hoping that no valuable players suffer significant injuries.

There’s nothing that the Jets, or any team for that matter, can really do to keep players from getting hurt at camp. It’s a time for guys to go full speed and prove themselves as if they were playing in a real game. It’s worth noting, though, that the Jets can ill afford any more losses on their roster. In light of recent injuries around the league, they are reminded that the week one starting squad is never set in stone.

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