Philadelphia Eagles: There’s No Reason to Crown Michael Vick the Starter Just Yet

By Sonny Bryan
Michael Vick and Nick Foles
Howard Smith- USA TODAY Sports

Lately there have been a lot of people believing that Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick has already won the starting quarterback job, but  there is no reason to believe that.

Don’t get me wrong, Vick has a strong chance of winning the job, but so does Nick Foles. Both of these quarterbacks will get their fair share of chances to outperform one another. Both are different quarterbacks and Chip Kelly will have to adjust his playbook with whoever quarterback is on the field. Kelly has said that he doesn’t need a mobile quarterback to run his offense. That may be true, but deep down inside Kelly wants a quarterback who can run. I believe he can be more creative if he has a mobile quarterback, but he needs to be careful when running it because if the read-option is a part of his offense, he is increasing the chances of that quarterback getting injured.

It honestly doesn’t matter about the athleticism at the quarterback position, because at the end of the day, whoever can move the football and get across the goal line more often will be the winner. And that is where Vick has struggled tremendously the past two seasons. Vick had a lot of weapons to work with last season. His offensive line was banged up, but it was enough to work with yet Vick still struggled to move the football. Foles, on the other hand, arguably outperformed Vick and probably played with the worst Eagles team since the Ray Rhodes era.

The quarterback position is up in the air, and it’s just ridiculous for people to think Vick is already the starter. The area I am curious to see is how Vick reacts when under pressure and if he can get the ball out quickly. These areas were crucial for him last season and proved that the 33-year old quarterback still needs to learn a lot about the quarterback position. Now Foles definitely has a lot to work on too, but I’m not going to say that he is far from the level that Vick is on.

Since training camp opened up this week, both quarterbacks have had their ups and downs. It’s still early, but both quarterbacks still need to shake the rust off and come out swinging. If both quarterbacks believe they are better than their competition then they need to prove immediately, but to think that Vick is the starter at this point is just ridiculous.

Sonny Bryan is a Philadelphia Eagles writer for Follow him on Twitter @SonnyBryan50

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