Hopefully Donovan McNabb Vanishes After Today

By williambontrager
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Why now? Why Sept. 19, against the Kansas City Chiefs, with Andy Reid looking on from the sidelines? These are questions concerning classic No. 5, Donovan McNabb‘s retirement, which was just recently announced as training camp is heating up.

In the last few years, Brian Westbrook, Tra Thomas and Brian Dawkins have had ceremonies, and have been retired in Philadelphia; McNabb is the newest installment. He will have his number retired at a halftime ceremony when the Philadelphia Eagles battle the Chiefs. Is this a distraction from the new system that Chip Kelly is trying to run? Did owner, Jeffrey Lurie, just want to get this weight off his shoulders so the fans can focus on the season?

With McNabb’s numbers, it shouldn’t be disputed that he is one of Philly’s great players. However, it is often the intangibles that cement a player into the hearts of the fans. McNabb has always been considered a man that lacked courage in the big moments. It is something that cannot be argued. He also has been talking a lot, incensing fans who want to move on from the McNabb era, and focus on this season.

Now that Jeremy Maclin has suffered a torn ACL, a devastating blow to the organization, the concentration should not be on No. 5. It is understandable that Lurie may just want to get the inevitable out of the way, but this news hardly deserves the media attention it is getting. Right now, there are more important questions to consider. How is Trent Cole adapting to his new responsibilities? Will DeSean Jackson return punts this year? What are the pros and cons of the new offensive system?

McNabb deserves to have his number retired, 65 percent of Philly is not  arguing that fact, but like the ceremony itself, let the news of it be one and done. Let this be the only day that it is talked about and get back to Eagles football. Hopefully, now that he is officially retired, he can be silenced. He had some great historical games, but for this fan, the current problems take precedence.

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