Indianapolis Colts' LaVon Brazill Ready to Move on From Mistakes

By Eric Smith
Brian Spurlock- USA Today Sports

Many questioned whether Indianapolis Colts wide receiver LaVon Brazill would be on the roster at this point of training camp. Most thought the Colts would have cut him by now and just moved on.

Prior to failing a drug test and getting suspended the first four regular season games of the NFL season, the Colts’ coaching staff questioned Brazill’s toughness and work ethic.

The second-year wide out from Ohio University only caught 11 passes for 186 yards and a touchdown in 2012. The Colts hoped for more effort out of him but immediately saw some red flags and decided to sign free agent Darrius Heyward-Bey as an insurance package to allow Brazill to put up or shut up.

A month ago him and the team faced a setback with Brazill getting suspended. Now, the Colts are giving him a second chance to prove his worth, and he’s ready to show it.

“Oh yeah,” said the receiver regarding whether he feels this is his last chance. “You won’t hear (anymore) more from me. I’m putting this in the past and I’m moving forward and just focused on my future from here on out.”

The Colts hope that’s true. They need depth past the third string as Brazill is supposed to be fourth on the depth chart when he comes back in Week 5. If he can’t prove his worth this training camp and preseason then it’s time to move on and build depth with what they have.

“Oh yeah. I messed up. I let my teammates down and let the organization down. I’m just trying to stay focused and keep moving forward.”

Brazill admitted he cut out his old buddies that got him into the trouble he was in.

“Oh, a simple change. Like I said, I messed up, tried it a couple times and it’s out of my life now. It’s money over everything and I don’t want to lose millions of dollars, so that’s out of my life. It’s either money or marijuana. I know any one of you would choose money any day, so that’s gone and I’m choosing money any day.”

The team is giving Brazill full support and helping him move on from his mistakes in hopes that he can help them reach the ultimate goal the Super Bowl.

“They still (were) with me. It was my mistake, I shouldn’t have (done) that but they were still with me. They said I’m a talented player and they’re going to stay with me. Just going to put this in the past and move forward.”

Eric Smith is the Colts Beat Writer for Rant Sports and recognized as an accredited member of the media by the Indianapolis Colts. All quotes were obtained first hand. Follow him on Twitter @ericsportsguru

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