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New York Jets’ Dee Milliner is Wasting Valuable Training Camp Days

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Dee Milliner

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The New York Jets probably thought that they were done dealing with cornerback contract disputes at least for a while.

But ironically, the man who was supposedly drafted to replace Darelle Revis is having some contract issues of his own. Dee Milliner has been holding out on the Jets while the rest of the team has been participating in training camp, and so the headaches continue for Rex Ryan.

Milliner, who was taken ninth overall, is reportedly hung up on the specifics of his rookie contract. But whether he realizes it or not, he’s missing valuable training camp days.

The biggest issue with Milliner holding out is that he’s coming off of shoulder surgery and the Jets haven’t gotten to see him on the football field. Training camp reps are important for Milliner in order for him to get back into football shape and adapt to his role in the Jets’ defense. Without him, the Jets are missing a big piece of their secondary.

Ryan has voiced some mild frustration with the situation despite downplaying its significance. He has every right to be angry, though. Milliner’s contract dispute is reportedly based on the language of his offset clause, which will likely never come into effect anyway. From Ryan’s perspective, Milliner needs to be on the football field sooner than later.

A minor contract dispute is no reason to panic for the Jets, but it comes at a bad time. They need Milliner to step up and adapt as quickly as possible, and the holdout is making that difficult. Every day that he misses is one day less for him to get on the field and get ready for his rookie season. Both sides should be looking for the quickest way out of this dispute so that the Jets can once and for all focus on football.

Jesse Schwartz is an NFL Writer at Follow him on Twitter.

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