Should the New Orleans Saints Lock Jimmy Graham Up to a Long-Term Deal?

By Dan Parzych
Jimmy Graham
(Crystal LoGludice/USA Today Sports)

When it comes to training camp in the NFL, it’s always interesting to see the amount of players entering the final year of their contract and which ones end up holding out for a new one. At the beginning of the offseason, many wondered which approach Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints would take considering he was entering the final year of his contract, but from what it seems like so far–the tight end is taking the right approach towards the situation.

Graham has made it clear he’s not worried about his contract situation with the Saints and seems confident everything will work itself out considering what’s been said so far. As long as he continues to post big numbers on the football field, Graham knows everything will work out just fine and the last thing he needs to do is cause drama by complaining about the situation.

If only every NFL star had this approach, right?

New Orleans realizes how valuable Graham has been to the offense throughout his career and they obviously want to make sure he sticks around for the long run. Graham has quickly emerged into one of the league’s top pass-catching tight ends, but if the Saints were smart–they would figure out a way to lock their star tight end now instead of later.

Only time will tell when it comes to whether or not that happens, but at least from Graham’s perspective, it’s a positive sign the organization has at least discussed the possibility of giving him a long-term deal.

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