Ted Ginn Jr. Grateful for Chance at Bigger Role with Carolina Panthers

By Michael Terrill
Ted Ginn Jr. Grateful for Chance at Bigger Role with Carolina Panthers
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Ted Ginn Jr. wanted an opportunity to prove to himself and everyone out there that he can play wide receiver in the NFL. Most teams only see him as a career special teams player, but he knows he can be so much more than that. Ginn signed with the Carolina Panthers this offseason because that is one team that promised to give him a chance.

“A lot of guys see me as a punt returner or a specialist,” Ginn said, according to ESPN.com. “But, here, they were like, “’Just come in and show us what you’ve got.'”

Ginn had success as a wide receiver with the Miami Dolphins. In fact, he hauled in a career-high 56 receptions for 790 yards in 2008. Even though the San Francisco 49ers allowed him some time at wide receiver, he certainly was used more on special teams. In reality, it is performing at a high level as a returner that brings home the paycheck for Ginn.

“When you’re fighting for a Super Bowl, you have to give up different things,” Ginn said, according to ESPN.com. “You have to become a team player. That’s what I did last year, I became a team player.”

For that reason, many teams were interested in his talents. However, the Panthers made it clear they want him to be a top-notch wide receiver, as well as, a return man. Ginn has been given a chance to compete for the No. 3 wide receiver spot. He certainly does not plan to squander the opportunity as he continues to show early on in camp that he is in it to win it.

Personally, I believe Ginn has the talent, motivation and work ethic to be an effective wide out for Carolina. Hopefully, quarterback Cam Newton and him can get on the same page early in order to have success during the season.

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