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Top 5 Players Who Can Lead Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defense

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5 Players Who Can Lead The Defense

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This season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have one of the best defenses in the NFL. This offseason, Tampa acquired defensive backs Darrelle Revis and Dashon Goldson. Revis, from the New York Jets, is arguably the best cornerback in the league, he has his own island. Goldson, from the San Francisco 49ers, is a hard hitting safety who can knockout nearly anyone on offense.

Gerald Mccoy at defensive tackle is a Pro Bowler who can force his way into the backfield. Mark Barron and Lavonte David are two sophomores who are both huge role players on the field as both of them know how to lay a hit on the offense.

It seems to me, however, that Tampa has yet to find a leader for this defense. For many years cornerback Ronde Barber was the leader on the Buccaneers defense, through wins and losses. Earlier this offseason, the Buccaneers defensive back decided that it was time to retire. Barber was a great player who played wholeheartedly with the Buccaneers for 16 seasons. With the retirement of Barber, Tampa is looking for someone to lead the Bucs Defense.

I would assume that they would be looking for someone that is in for the long haul, someone that they know will stick with the Bucs through thick and thin, or they could be looking for just the best player on the field. Either way, someone needs to lead this defense. I have selected five players on the defense who I think could lead the Bucs defense and maybe deliver the Lombardi Trophy back to Tampa once again.

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Dashon Goldson

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Dashon Goldson can be the leader on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because he is an All-Pro safety, he has the experience to set an example for the rest of the defense and he is stepping into Ronde Barber’s shoes at the free safety position. The negatives on Goldson are that he hasn't always been with Tampa. Last year, he was with the San Francisco 49ers, and he had 55 solo tackles and three interceptions, the most interceptions on the 49ers. The Buccaneers acquired Goldson through free agency. With Goldson on the Buccaneers, he definitely improves Tampa’s pass defense and their chances of winning.

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Lavonte David

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Lavonte David is on my list because he reminds me of a young Derrick Brooks, who much like David, was fast, could read the offense well and has the power to set a hit on anyone on the field. Drafted by Tampa, David led the Buccaneers in tackles with 139 total tackles; 19 of those tackles were for losses. After having a great rookie year you can count on him to do an even better job this season. If David does end up leading the Buccaneers, I would bet that you would see his career play out much like Barber’s did.

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Mark Barron

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I really like Mark Barron. He was drafted last season by Tampa with the seventh pick of the first round from Alabama. When Barron was drafted, Tampa meant for him to be the face of the franchise with Doug Martin on offense. Barron is a quick safety who can hit like a linebacker. The only problem with Barron is that I’m not too sure if he has really developed the leadership trait yet. If Barron did learn how to be a leader, he would certainly be an excellent example for the perfect kind of safety to the Buccaneers, and maybe even to the rest of the league

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Darrelle Revis

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Darrelle Revis, obviously, can be the leader for the Buccaneers. He is, in my opinion, the best cornerback in the league right now. Revis can basically eliminate one side of the field with no sweat, and as previously stated, he has his own Island. There are a few negatives about Revis, though. He is coming off of an ACL tear last season and Tampa signed him to a new contract of five years with zero guaranteed money, so Revis could be let go by Tampa at any time if he falters. I believe Revis would be a great leader for Tampa, many players all around the league look up and respect Revis’ work ethic.

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Gerald McCoy

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Gerald McCoy, in my mind, is the obvious leader for the Buccaneers. McCoy has been with Tampa for three seasons, he has memorized each team in the division and he is now a Pro Bowler. McCoy has proven to be a force in the league as last season, he had 30 total tackles and five sacks as well. At the center of the field, McCoy can set the presence for the rest of the defense. I can’t find any negatives on McCoy other than that his contract is up in 2015. McCoy is a great player and he will be a great leader for the Buccaneers defense.