Kansas City Chiefs Rumors: Alex Smith An Option QB?

By Aaron Charles
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

New offensive coordinator Doug Pederson is exploring all possibilities with the Kansas City Chiefs‘ offense in training camp. One interesting idea they’ve been looking at is the quarterback option.

This is Pederson’s first season as an offensive coordinator with any team, and there are naturally going to be a lot of questions about his approach. Whatever doubts Chiefs fans may have about him, they have to love the open-mindedness of the former NFL quarterback.

According to Adam Teicher of The Kansas City Star, the coaching staff had Alex Smith working in option packages in both offseason practice and training camp.

Right now, they are just in the experimental phase of the process. Pederson commented on the subject, saying “it’s not a staple of the offense, but we’re going to continue to explore it, to see if it can help us offensively. It really gives the guys some fun at it and an opportunity to be explosive.”

Smith has been tagged with the term “game manager” for so long that some people forget that he can run the ball pretty well. In his senior season at Utah, Smith ran for 631 yards and 10 TDs. Considering nobody came close to beating the Utes that season, maybe utilizing all of Smith’s abilities is at least worth a look.

With a career-high of 179 rushing yards, the San Francisco 49ers never really took advantage of Smith’s running abilities, which seems strange when you look at how they let Colin Kaepernick run wild last season. The 49ers’ conservative approach with Smith will not be adopted by the Chiefs. Kansas City is clearly set on getting every ounce of production out of him that they can.

While he won’t be racking up Kaepernick, or Robert Griffin III-type of rushing numbers, Smith will have the opportunity to make plays with his feet. It will be very interesting to see what Smith can do on a team that plans on using him to the fullest.

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