Loss of Percy Harvin Comes At Best Possible Time for Seattle Seahawks

By Andrew Fisher

It’s the news that many Seattle Seahawks‘ fans were dreading to hear, but Percy Harvin does need surgery. After the wide receiver’s visit to a New York doctor to get a second opinion, it was decided that repairing his hip now would be the best long-term solution. His surgery is already planned for Tuesday and some are optimistic that he could return later in the season.

At first it was feared that he would be lost for the season, however 3-4 months is a timetable that’s being kicked around for his return. The calendar will just have turned over to August when he goes under the knife, so there seems to be a very good chance he’ll return for the stretch run in 2013.

While this is a blow to the Seahawks, it’s nothing they can’t overcome. The reality is that Harvin has barely even touched the practice field in Seattle, so it’s not like the team will have to find his replacement. The Seahawks did just fine without him a year ago and there’s no reason to think they won’t have similar results this year.

When Harvin does return, it’s going to be like Christmas day for Russell Wilson and company. The speedy wide receiver will provide a much need play-maker just at the right time down the stretch for Seattle. As they’re trying to earn a top seed in the NFC, they’ll get the most talented receiver on their roster back.

There’s nothing good about this situation for the Seahawks, but it most certainly could be worse.


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