Minnesota Vikings: Greg Jennings' Harsh Comments Make Him Look Childish

By Karim Akbar
Brace Hemmelgarn – USA TODAY Sports

Greg Jennings really stepped in it.

The games between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers, two NFL division rivals, are already a marquee events, but the fires were stoked this week when Jennings launched volleys at former teammate Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

In an interview, when asked whether he would take Brett Favre or Rodgers, Jennings unloaded, “When you talk about comparing quarterbacks, it’s hard to compare guys. I’ll take Brett….Then that guy they have now, he sat behind Brett and he learned so much.” Greg refers to Rodgers in the interview as ‘that guy.’ Brutal.

How did it come to this?

Jennings jumped ship to the rival Vikings this offseason in a splashy move and seemed to at least be professional about his exodus from Green Bay; perhaps it was because he knew he would face them twice this season. Recently, when asked to elaborate on how Rodgers allegedly distanced himself from the team, Jennings said, “A lot of times when you have a guy who creates that spotlight for himself and establishes that and takes a lot of that, it becomes so-and-so and the team.”

Of course, I’m not privy to what goes on in the Packers’ locker room, but I find Jennings’ statements hard to believe. Sure, Rodgers has a lot of State Farm commercials but so does Jennings. Jennings wouldn’t be hawking Old Spice if it weren’t for his run with Green Bay and Rodgers.

These recent statements are not only off the mark, but they also portray Jennings as bitter and unsecure, even in his new role with a new team. As the Packers have already moved on and are focused on the upcoming season, Jennings has waited until now to get these feelings off his chest. It’s petty and most likely not even close to being true. Packers head coach Mike McCarthy offered this take, “When you put on that purple, something happens to you.” Well, something that might happen in that purple might be more frustration. If Jennings felt he was an after-thought in Green Bay, wait until he struggles to connect with Christian Ponder and watches as Adrian Peterson dominates the offense.

When it comes to easing into the offense, Jennings will likely do more than anyone Minnesota had last year. Michael Jenkins was Minnesota’s best outside receiver last year with 446 receiving yards, and Jennings likely will double that production. But lets be real, Ponder is nowhere near the caliber of Rodgers. As a result, analysts are predicting a drop in production for Jennings this season.

As far as Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier is concerned, Jennings needs to worry about his current team only. “We’re the Vikings, and we want to talk about us, what we’re trying to get done.” This rivalry has intensified in recent years, but thanks to Jennings, this edition may be turned up some notches. The Vikings and Packers clash on Oct. 27 on NBC.

I, for one, cannot wait.

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