New York Giants' Justin Tuck And Antrel Rolle Should Stop Talking

By Andrew Lecointe
Kirby Lee — USA Today Sports

There is no doubt that New York Giants‘ Justin Tuck is in a prove-it year in the 2013 season. After two non-productive seasons, people have questioned whether Tuck still has the motor that made him a good pass-rusher several years ago. Only time will tell, but it seems Tuck has been full of excuses and talk this offseason.

Antrel Rolle has been another player who has been talking quite a bit. Rolle had comments about the Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones earlier this offseason. Not too long ago, he also said that all of the quarterbacks in the division were elite. While this may not be all bad, these two players seem to have a habit of talking a lot but not producing when the Giants really need it.

In Tuck’s latest meeting with reporters, he hinted that the Giants’ defensive line were more concerned and consumed with racking up sacks as opposed to playing solid, fundamental football. This theory may be correct, but it’s not needed at this point. Last season is last season, and it wasn’t a good one so the Giants must put it behind them.

General manager Jerry Reese gave the team a pretty stern message at the beginning of training camp: make the playoffs. Even though the Giants have had at least a .500 winning percentage in each of the past four seasons, they have only made it into the postseason once in those four years.

Reese is putting the onus on the players to take things personally, and for the team to work hard and work smart. Going to the media and talking about the past all the time or talking about other teams and quarterbacks isn’t working smart. It’s a waste of time, and the Giants will need both Tuck and Rolle to stop talking and be productive.

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