Reggie Bush's Excellence As Receiver Will Make Detroit Lions' Offense More Exciting

By John Raffel
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions are finding out exactly how versatile of a football player they have in Reggie Bush.

The Lions obviously picked up Bush to improve their mediocre production from past seasons. Bush can finally give the Lions a productive running attack they haven’t had since Matthew Stafford took charge of the offense. Stafford has never had the luxury of a potent running back to take pressure off of him, and Bush’s addition will obviously make him a better quarterback.

The Lions have noticed in their preseason training camp that Bush catches the football more like a receiver than a regular back, but it helps that Bush grew at various levels of football playing different positions. The coaches also like the fact he can run under routes, including from the slot.

This factor is going to improve Stafford’s passing attack since he has another excellent receiver to use. Bush is not the only versatile running back the Lions have, but he’s certainly the best one for use in various areas.

His best receiving years with the New Orleans Saints came when he actually had so-so seasons on the ground. With the Miami Dolphins over the last two years, he gained his best rushing totals with yards of 1,086 in 2011 and 986 in 2012 and didn’t catch as many passing yards.

The Lions could stand for Bush to be both an excellent receiver and ball carrier, but ball carrying remains the area where Bush has to deliver for the Lions to be playoff contenders after their horrible 4-12 season in 2012.

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