Washington Redskins Strong Safety Brandon Meriweather Needs to Stay Healthy in 2013 NFL Season

By Thomas Ford
Brandon Meriweather
Brad Mills – USA TODAY Sports

Any fan of the Washington Redskins can testify to how atrocious the Redskins’ defense has been for the past half decade. In the 2012 NFL season, only one team allowed more points scored on their secondary. Fans were safe to say that head coach Mike Shanahan was going to address this problem right away.

Shanahan brought help to Redskins secondary on March 15, 2012 in the form of strong safety and two time Pro-Bowl player Brandon Meriweather.

Meriweather is known for his aggressive behavior on the field. In the 2011 NFL Season, Meriweather was fined a total of $45,000 for two violations of unnecessary roughness, when he performed a late hit against a Detroit Lions player and had helmet-to-helmet contact with Carolina Panthers star WR Steve Smith.

It has been stated that Meriweather has no regard for player safety, his own included. This may be the case, as his “all out” style of play caused him to only play in one game during his 2012 season with the Redskins. However, in one half of play against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 11, Meriweather racked up seven hard tackles, two pass knock downs and one interception. Washington fans only got a glimpse of what life in the Redskins’ secondary would be like with Meriweather.

Of course, the hype of that one game has led to many sports writers claiming a breakout season for Meriweather. Yet, Meriweather himself does not agree, stating, “Why would I do that? I ain’t played in a year.”

Meriweather is realistic about his return to the Redskins. He knows he cannot play with a reckless attitude the entire season. If he does, he will be injured, and then his career would most likely be over. Does this mean he will not play hard for the Redskins? Absolutely not. He is just more aware of the team-first attitude. He states that his only goal this season is, “One. To stay healthy, be there every game.” If Meriweather plays every game, the days of an atrocious Redskins secondary will be long gone.

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