Will Tennessee Titans’ Michael Griffin Succeed at Free Safety?

Will Tennessee Titans’ Michael Griffin Succeed at Free Safety

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The Tennessee Titans have decided to give Michael Griffin a specialized role in which he will strictly play free safety in 2013. Tennessee believes Griffin, who has never missed a game since being drafted by the Titans in 2007, has the athletic ability and perfect skill-set to dominate the position.

“I think my role will basically be simplified by being able to stay in the middle of the field 20 yards deep,” Griffin said earlier this year, according to TitansOnline.com. “That’s my job, to be the angel in the sky. My role is different now. I’ve just got to be able to watch film, watch the quarterback’s eyes and move when the ball is thrown.”

Griffin certainly has an eye for the ball. The 28-year-old has recorded 21 career interceptions, including four picks last season. Obviously, this could end up being a brilliant move by the Titans coaching staff because it should give him more opportunities to make big plays. In a division with two talented quarterbacks, it is important to take away certain parts of their game. By having a legitimate ball hawk in the middle of the field, it should give other members on defense the ability to get to the quarterback or cut off routes.

Secondary coach Brett Maxie is excited for the possibilities that the new change will bring because he knows how good Griffin truly is.

“(He is) probably the best guy that I’ve been around that has the natural instincts and natural ability to go get the ball when it’s in the air,” Maxie told TitansOnline.com. “We saw it a couple of times during the (2012) season, twice in one game (against the New York Jets). That was phenomenal.”

Griffin’s two interceptions against the Jets were huge as it preserved a 14-10 victory late in the season.

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