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5 Storylines to Follow During New York Jets Training Camp

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5 Storylines to Follow During New York Jets Training Camp

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to the New York Jets, there is one thing us fans are never without. Of course this thing is not wins; I mean heaven forbid that. What I am referring to is none other than storylines. Most of them are not good, sadly.

The Jets are the only team in the league that cares more about making the headlines in the next day's newspaper than actually winning games, and they have taken a lot of criticism for this over the years but do nothing to put a stop to it. We Jets fans just have to grin and bear it until head coach Rex Ryan is finally fired so this organization can actually move on and hopefully forward.

But anyway, this slideshow is about storylines and boy do the Jets have them this offseason like usual. From their incompetent and controversial head coach to the many non-team players they have on their current roster, the Jets have an abundance of storylines that provide some great reading entertainment for all NFL fans.

As a Jets fan myself, I wish these storylines were boring and that my team can actually focus and win some games, but if you think about it, then that would make for a less enjoyable slideshow experience. Controversy sells, and that is all the Jets are selling now-a-days unfortunately. So without any further ado, I would like to present to you, Jets fans and NFL fans alike, the top 5 storylines to follow during the Jets training camp this season.

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5. Who Wins The Running Back Job?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s start this list off with running backs. The Jets finally got rid of running back Shone Greene, whose specialty was running right into the line, and have brought in former New Orleans Saints running back Chris Ivory and former Oakland Raiders running back Mike Goodson to complement Jets running backs Joe McKnight and Bilal Powell, who could win the official starting job this season.

Should McKnight win the job? Probably not. I’d rather give it to Ivory, but you would figure the Jets would use all four a lot anyways so it won’t really matter who is the official starter. Let’s just hope these guys can dodge the line better than Greene and we can see some actual yardage on the ground this year from the Jets. Well, maybe we shouldn’t expect it from Goodson since he has already had some trouble dodging the cops this offseason.

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4. Will Santonio Holmes Play At All This Season?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Will Santonio Holmes even try to get on the field at all this season? I will go out and say I highly doubt he will since he told the media the other day that he will take his absolute sweet time in healing his injured foot and it is very possible he doesn’t play for the Jets at all this season, all with a smile on his face I am sure. Holmes has shown over the years that he is not a team player, and it was a complete joke that he was once a team captain for the Jets.

Holmes is the type of player that when the going gets tough, he demands for a trade. I cannot wait until Holmes is off this team. Yes, he has the talent to be a top notch wide receiver, but his attitude will always hold him back and he will never unlock his full potential. Whether he plays for the Jets this year or not, I still think the Jets have to release him and move on from his antics.

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3. Will The Jets Ever Get A Pass Rush?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Rex Ryan has been the team's head coach, he prides himself on being a defensive genius yet he has been unable to find a decent pass rush.

But don’t worry. Jets defensive lineman Quinton Coples said the Jets have the best defensive line in the league. And we believe him why? Oh, because in his rookie season he was completely invisible.

When will the Jets players learn to just shut their mouths and play? That won’t happen until Rex Ryan is fired because his players act just like him and that will only lead to failure as teams from all over the NFL will make sure they beat down the Jets every time they play them. But I digress.

All in all, the Jets defensive line looks virtually the same as last year so I don’t think it would be wise to expect much from them until at least a few games are played.

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2. Will Milliner Fill Revis' Shoes?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

When Dee Milliner was drafted, it was said that he is the closest up and coming player to becoming another Darrelle Revis and he certainly proved that by holding out this offseason.

In my opinion, I don’t think anyone can be close to Revis ever again so the comparisons to him should just stop immediately and let Milliner be Milliner.

He will start out as the No. 2 cornerback behind Antonio Cromartie, which should give him the opportunity to adjust to the NFL and grow as a player before hopefully taking over the No. 1 job in the foreseeable future with the Jets organization.

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1. Who Wins The Starting Quarterback Job?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Hands down, this is the top story of the Jets training camp this summer, and I predict it will continue to be into the regular season.

If I had to guess, I would think Mark Sanchez will be the opening day starter for the Jets, since he is amazingly still on the team. He will be given two games to prove himself and if he performs terribly, like he usually does, and the Jets lose both games to start off the year, you will see Geno Smith emerge as the new starter permanently.

Once the Jets drafted Smith, I felt the Jets front office either needed to trade Sanchez or just release him as it looked like his career with Gang Green would now be over. But leave it to the Jets to start another controversy.

I mean Sanchez has proven these last two seasons that he just cannot handle the New York media and has regressed as a quarterback every single season in the NFL. It is time to move on and see what Smith brings to the table.

Trading Sanchez and giving Smith the starting quarterback job would not only make sense and be better for the Jets, but it would be better for him to experience a new coaching staff on a smaller market team and be able to save his career to some extent.