Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco is Having Issues With Dennis Pitta Injury?

By Wola Odeniran
Joe Flacco
Evan Habeeb- USA TODAY Sports

Everyone in the Baltimore Ravens organization were depressed when news got out that tight end Dennis Pitta would be out for the season with a dislocated hip. I was as well. Out of all of the departures, I feel that this loss hurts the most for the Ravens. But according to Peter King of Sports Illustrated, Joe Flacco looked down after right after he heard about the news on Saturday.

“In the Ravens’ 4-0 playoff run last year, Boldin and Pitta averaged nine catches and 136 receiving yards per game,” King said. “Now Joe Flacco will have to win without either of them this year. That’s one of the reasons why Flacco, I’m told, was walking around the Ravens’ complex looking disconsolate after Pitta was lost for the season with a dislocated hip on Saturday.”

It is understandable that Flacco would be down after hearing what happened, and he should be. But it is time to move on, and it looked like Flacco did move on this past Sunday. Flacco got into it in a fun way with Terrell Suggs and Haloti Ngata during practice on a play Flacco believed he scored a rushing touchdown on the goal line according to the Ravens official website.

“Are you kidding me?” Flacco said loudly via “That’s 250 pounds vs. 180. No way he was stopping me.”

It’s good to see Flacco in good spirits because the Ravens need it. Flacco is now the franchise player, and how he feels could impact the entire team. But the good news is, given the recent injury issues that Ravens have had over the last three years, Flacco, and company will know how to handle it.

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