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Marc Trestman Brings Hope to Chicago Bears Offense

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The Chicago Bears have been known for having one of the best defenses in the NFL. The offense was often falling behind, and the Bears defense was at times their best offense.  Head coach Marc Trestman is here to change that. As having his whole career coaching and bettering offenses across the NFL, he is here to change the tide in Chicago.

Former head coach Lovie Smith conducted his training camps in a more broken up way, having practice scattered around and in the evenings. Trestman starts each day at 7:30am with a meeting then 9am practice, lunch, and more meetings. The practices and runs are at a faster pace a well, getting more plays in in a shorter amount of time.

I had two worries.

One, how were the veterans going to respond to Trestman? Two, how was Jay Cutler going to respond?

Everyone has been pretty much on board with the Trestman style.  The offensive plays are more involved and complex, which is completely different from the simple and predictable offense the Bears are used to playing. Preseason will need to be pushed a little harder than normal to make sure that each play is executed perfectly, but it’ll be worth it if we see the new explosive offense most are expecting.

Jay Cutler may be a new man as well. According to reports, he has been involved completely. He’s taking players aside, working better with the team, and putting more into his conditioning and training.

Has Trestman turned over a new offensive leaf for the Bears? Optimistically, yes.  Trestman and his staff are exactly what the offense needs to make the Bears a double threat.  If the offense can be as effective as the defense, I think the team will be within reach of a Super Bowl sooner than later.

Meriah Milliken is a Chicago Bears writer for Follow her on Twitter @MeriahMilliken, “Like” her on Facebook, or add her to your Google network.

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