NFL Finally Wakes Up: 2013 Pro Bowl Will Adopt NHL's Fantasy Flavor

By Devin O'Barr
Peyton Manning at the NFL Pro Bowl
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The sports world is full of copycats and on Wednesday, the NFL stole a page right out of the NHL‘s book. For years, the NFL has been trying to revamp its incredibly boring “Pro Bowl” and they may have found the solution. Believe it or not: the NHL is responsible for saving NFL’s brutal exhibition game.

In case you’re not familiar with the NHL’s All-Star Game: one player from each conference is given the opportunity to draft the All-Star teams. While it may seem like something straight off of a middle-school playground, the “fantasy draft” flavor fits perfectly with the Pro Bowl and it was finally realized by the NFL.

The 2013 Pro Bowl will be held in Honolulu, HI as usual, yet it won’t be the tiresome contest of NFC vs. AFC. Instead, two team captains — Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders — will draft their teams and decide who did the better job on the field. For instance, Rice could very well start the draft by selected Adrian Peterson and Sanders could counter by drafting a player like Andrew Luck.

Considering how popular fantasy football has become, the NFL had to try this approach and ditch the annoying NFC vs. AFC tradition. In addition, the 2013 game will not feature kickoffs, which will also eliminate some of the annoying laziness found in the recent Pro Bowls.

Now that the Pro Bowl is settled, maybe NFL commissioner Roger Goodell can focus more on all of the criminals who are employed across the league.

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