No Surprise New York Jets Players Already Supporting Geno Smith

By Andrew Fisher
Geno Smith
Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

To the anonymous New York Jets player that said of Geno Smith, ‘he can do more,’ – you are correct sir. Obviously the player means he can do more than Mark Sanchez, which doesn’t come as a shock to most football fans. It’s just turning over to August and this whole thing is already an issue in New York. We all knew it would be, now it’s just a matter of how ugly it will get.

Smith is looking better than Sanchez by many accounts so far, which is good and bad news for the Jets. They clearly drafted Smith with the idea that he’d be their future QB, so from that perspective, it’s a good sign that he’s outplaying Sanchez. But the reality is that Sanchez is going to start the season as the No. 1 QB, so it’s only going to frustrate those (teammates and fans) who believe Smith is the better option.

The main point that can’t be overlooked here, is that the Jets aren’t going anywhere near the postseason, no matter who their signal-caller is. I believe they should go with Smith from the start and just throw him into the fire. He has the talent and ability to play on Sundays already, but it’s going to take time to hone his skills – especially on a bad team. For the Jets, it’s likely going to be a matter of what QB they want to lead them to five victories. I believe there’s more to be gained from a bad season with a young quarterback at the helm, than from a bad season with a QB that’s proven to be average at best.

With players already backing Smith, it’s only a matter of time before others follow suit. I just don’t see the point in starting Sanchez, unless Smith is simply not ready. Word so far out of camp is that he is indeed ready, but I suppose we are only a few days into camp. Still, the Jets are headed for a crap storm and they’d be wise to announce their starter, sooner rather than later.


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