Philadelphia Eagles: Training Camp Observations

By Joseph Hickman
Russel Shepard Philadelphia Eagles
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I remember the days of  Andy Reid training camps and min-camps (I was a ball boy). The most important thing, especially in mini-camps, was to make sure you left some vanilla ice in the ice cream machine. They would have a guy guard the ice cream machine and once the vanilla got low, I hope you like chocolate.  Hey man, “Big Red” needed his fix, right?

Among other things, there are plenty of differences between a Reid practice and a Chip Kelly one. I was at the Philadelphia Eagles practice on Sunday and I found some interesting things. Here are a few:

– The “Placard” came out.  I have mentioned the placard  in prior posts, but just in case you missed it, they’re the celebrity pictures that Chip breaks out. They’re used just in case the opposing teams pick up the hand signals. I can’t confirm or deny if any of the pictures were of Kate Upton.

– Speaking of the hand signals,  it’s literally like watching a third base coach giving the steal sign or the bunt sign.

– My former profession, ball-boy, got more involved. Chip had them in shoulder pads. On the shoulder pads where what look to be around two-foot screens. The ball boys lined up at the line scrimmage as defensive line during 7 on 7s, walking slowly to the quarterback. Obviously, acting like a defensive lineman with his hands up.

– I will tell you this, if there was a leader in the starting quarterback race, you would never know it. None of them looked good. Though the best throw of the day came from Dennis Dixon, hitting a wide-open DeSean Jackson down the sideline.

-Now this was fun to watch. Big Red would stand in the middle of the field during camp acting like the “Don”. Not Chip. He got involved by lining up as a DB in a WR drill.

– There was one player that stood out to me that day, and that was the undrafted rookie wide-receiver Russell Shepard. The 6-foot-1, 195-pound receiver caught everything thrown at him, including an acrobatic catch down the sideline.

Until next time folks, “You stay classy Philadelphia”.

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